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If you use any stock photo, please ask first, and send us a link to the completed artwork.
Please don't use outside of DA without permission.
Please give VoidStock credit for all stock you use.

Brought to you by :iconneumorin: and :iconpoofmongoose:, and a whole bunch of sexy people.


Neumorin + poofmongoose do pretty much everything

Other models: Deppitydawg, love-and-shadow, restricted-impulse, Nosirhgios, Patchwork-hoodie

Keep in mind.
Don't just switch some colours around and claim you photomanipulated the image, you're just taking credit for someone else's art that they put a lot of effort into to provide you with stock to use for your own art.

We don't endorse any sort of stereotypes or cliques, subcultures, social groupings, etc, like "goth", "punk", "emo" and the like. If anything is labelled so it's only so photomanipulators can find what they're looking for more easily. We're just creepy kids who take pictures and do our own thing.

We love you.

Void Graphics- custom designs, commissions, tattoo design, graphic clothing modification, and more